Nordquist Simmons Medical Network

Dr. Luke Nordquist, a nationally recognized oncologist, and Healthcare Innovator Mike Simmons teamed up to create a revolutionary cancer treatment resource that would enable anyone to have access to the nation’s top oncologists when they desired to seek a second opinion on possible treatments for their type of cancer.

To build out their vision, the Cancer Opinions team worked with Volano Solutions to develop a full web application where a patient can visit to enroll and request a consult by faxing their medical records to the Cancer Opinions office. Once received, a Nurse-administrator checks all information and then forwards to a leading medical expert in one of several specific forms of cancer through the site. The doctor receives notification of the consult, reviews the documentation and provides a readable consult and recommended course of action to the patient.

This entire workflow and collaboration between patient, nurse and physician is completed securely and efficiently through the application.

Because of the innovations developed by the Cancer Opinions team, the door is opened for millions of cancer patients to seek treatment information outside of their previous geographical limitations.