Mobile Friendly Technology Drives Employee Engagement.

Liquid Trucking is a bulk liquid carrier serving the US, Canada and Mexico. Founded in 1989, family owned Liquid Trucking, has grown to be one of the 30 largest tank trucking companies in the United States. The Liquid Trucking facility is world class, with state of the art GPS equipped trucks and tankers, driven by the most capable drivers in the industry. Like us, Liquid Trucking has roots in Eastern Nebraska. Liquid Trucking depends heavily on their drivers to, well, drive business! They know their drivers are the key to their success, and they treat them like family. The Liquid Trucking family is growing everyday, and with that growth comes the necessary evolution of their systems and processes.

The trucking industry has a higher than average turnover rate, and for a company like Liquid Trucking, high turnover just isn’t an option. The family atmosphere at Liquid Trucking encouraged retention, but there was still a need to facilitate better communication and more efficient processes to ensure employee satisfaction and engagement.

The primary responsibility of a truck driver is to drive a truck. Sounds reasonable right? In practice however, a truck driver spends much of their time on the job not driving. Liquid Trucking recognized this and offered “Driver Additional Pay” to compensate drivers for this time. They also offered reimbursement for payments made out of pocket for work expenses and provided bonus payments for extended time away from home. Liquid Trucking was doing their best to fairly compensate their drivers, but the systems in place to carry out these offerings were paper-based, slow and inefficient.

As the Liquid Trucking family continued to grow, they realized that several important, paper-based processes needed to be updated and improved. They needed the flow of communication from employee to operations to be quicker, more efficient, and most importantly, meet the needs of their workers.

In 2015, we started working with Liquid Trucking’s Process Improvement Expert who had an excellent vision of the needs of their drivers and needed our help to make it happen. We knew that communication barriers are often catalysts to employee disengagement and this correlation is magnified with remote workers, which is the case for most truck drivers.

We focused on the driver’s ability to stay connected with the home office. This aspect is very important, and can be complex. To facilitate this connection, we created a secure portal that allows the Liquid Trucking mobile workforce to share business information in a safe and reliable way.

We were able to create a software system that replaced all of those antiquated paper-based systems. Instead of contacting corporate to have a new additional pay worksheet faxed to them, drivers can now log into the employee portal to create a new digital “Driver Additional Pay” request. They can also view, edit and delete pay requests on any mobile device. All additional pay requests are monitored on a validation basis to prevent faulty data entry and common mistakes. Additional pay information is also now organized in a database from which historical reports can be easily run. The new system integrates seamlessly with payroll and other existing software, automating much of what had to previously be manually entered and manipulated.

We were able to take the lagging, paper-based systems that Liquid Trucking was running on, and bring them online to a mobile, user-friendly website that all drivers can access and utilize with ease. There is no more lag time in compensation, and communication barriers have been virtually eliminated, facilitating higher employee engagement and satisfaction.