New Balance Commodities is a unique marketing company that realized there was an economic advantage for feed manufacturers (ie. Ethanol plants, soybean crushing plants, fructose manufacturers etc.) to have a specialized company negotiating the trade between them and their customers. NBC has extensive experience with the livestock industry offering a variety of products, blending dry feed, customer interaction, better logistics, contracting detail and understanding, cover large geography and accurate billing.

NBC utilized a software package that wasn’t built with their business model and was written in antiquated technologies. These factors would mean their current solution wouldn’t scale as New Balance grew. New Balance engaged Volano Solutions to implement Microsoft CRM for their sales process and develop the Contract and Load System (CaLS) to manage the logistics involved with the pick up and delivery of the product. Once the delivery was made, CaLS would notify QuickBooks for invoicing. The system touched all departments within the company including sales, operations, and finance.

Efficiency was improved with the tight integration of the sales/operations/financial systems.

Accuracy was greatly increased by enabling the sales team to enter order information during the sales process and having that information flow through to scheduling, delivery, and invoicing. This eliminates writing paper orders and retyping.

Accountability was gained with the implementation of CRM – innately, each sales person becomes responsible for their accounts and contacts. Extensions were added so the sales person can see data from the order processing system, and are accountable for securing a new contract before the current contract ends.

Transparency was realized as the sales person can now see select customer data from