A competitive edge with perfect flow.

The YMCA of Lincoln wanted to hire the best people to work for them and knew they could use technology to do it. However, their software-as-a-service provider wasn’t giving them quite the competitive edge they wanted. We brought their vision to life through a custom web application that makes the hiring process flow with ease.

YMCA of Lincoln had a lot of job applicants coming through their Human Resources department and it was important for them to address each one efficiently and professionally. Feeling limited by the software they were patching together for the hiring process, they approached us ready to invest in a custom solution that did exactly what they needed. Our job was to create a solution that efficiently moved job applicants through the hiring process. We wanted to make it easy for the YMCA to hire the very best people for the job.

Volano developed a web application that facilitates an online process for potential hires to apply for jobs at the Y. Once a job application is submitted, the HR department and hiring managers can log into the system to see the status of all applicants by position and location. Managers update the status of each applicant – and where they are in the process. The system fosters a professional communication channel by sending emails to the applicant throughout the application process. HR also has the ability to run system wide reports to keep a pulse on all the postings and to pinpoint the current status of every open position.

Since building the web application in 2010, Volano has provided on-going support to the YMCA, including creating a new phase of development, system servicing, and re-skinning the site to match the Y’s new brand identity. The application process has improved significantly since implementing the new solution. HR staff experience less stress knowing that nothing is slipping through the cracks. And we got the chance to make work easier for people – the thing that fires us up most.