Volano Welcomes Two New Developers to the Team

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Newbies Gwen and Kevin

Volano is excited to add two very gifted software developers to a team already stacked with talent.  Kevin Harvey and Gwen Rodriguez started the day after Labor day and are already actively contributing and taking load.  We thought we’d let them tell you about what brought them to Volano in their own words.  Hiring talent is especially challenging for us due to the specificity  of our requirements.  We look for agile, quick studies who can also lead projects directly with our clients.  Kevin and Gwen both have those skills.  It’s also nice to work with collaborative people interested in the exchange of ideas, learning and helping each other out.  We got that with Gwen and Kevin all day long.

Kevin Harvey in his own words…

Kevin laments lack of technology at a technology company with Gwen. “When do we get phones Gwen? My Morse Code is shaky.”

My name is Kevin Harvey, the newest member of the Volano Web team.  I have been in love with web development ever since I coded my first web page back in 1997.  The web has changed a lot since then and I have changed with it, learning new techniques along the way.  I have spent the last nine years of my career writing highly customized, dynamic database-driven web based applications for a leading email marketing company.  I got fed up with all of the corporate red tape.  Volano cuts through all of the usual red tape involved with pushing code.  In fact, in my first week here, I haven’t even seen so much as a roll of scotch tape!  I look forward to spending a large chunk, if not the remainder of my career here at Volano.

Gwen Rodriguez in her own words…

Hi, I’m Gwen Rodriguez.  I’ve been acquainted with Volano for almost a year.  I finally decided to join the team, in large part because of their culture and the camaraderie that is apparent among their staff.  I am the mother of two and an avid fitness freak and I like that Volano honors the quality of work done for their clients and the flexibility to get it done without necessarily diminishing the priorities I have outside of the office.  I will be working with one of their best clients on a long-term project and am looking forward to being a part of both teams.

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