We Build Software That Makes Work Easier

Collaboration is at the heart of how we work. We believe in a direct collaborative experience between our clients and the developers building their software. It’s in this process we’re able to identify inefficiencies that are holding our clients back and build software that solves their specific needs. We create solutions that get used every day by our clients, software that creates a competitive advantage and gives them time back.

What Does Big Omaha Mean To Us?

What Does Big Omaha Mean To Us?
We get so focused on building our company sometimes, that it can become difficult to not get mired down with the minutia. To have an opportunity to be part of a a home grown movement like Big Omaha is nothing short of amazing. For us an event like this is a pause in time where we can hit the reset button, one where we are able to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new people.

Our journey as entrepreneurs has taken many forms over the years, from the typical start-up, to now an 11-year-old company with a couple SaaS products under our belt. Through it all we’ve taken great pride in being part of Big Omaha and look forward seeing what this year has in store.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Experience


Come Early, Get Close

This isn’t your 8th grade English class. The best way to really feel the energy and to engage with the speaker, is to get yourself to the front with the cool kids.


Listen With Intent

Put the phone on silent, sit up in your seat and settle those distracting thoughts you left at work. Take notes, but don’t lose yourself in them. This is a time to fully engage your brain and energy in that moment.


Don’t Skip

Some of the best opportunities to meet new people and get those valuable insights, happen at the times you least expect it. Go to the parties and stay for lunch. It’s worth it.


Leave Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to stick with what and who you know, especially if you come as a group. This is a place where you can be bold, think outside the norm, and become an outlier.


Make Friends Not Sales

Meeting people for the sake of a sale is disingenuous. Don’t go into the conference with a quota, unless it’s to make as many friends as possible. The friendships you make here could last a lifetime, don’t waste the opportunity.


Act on the Excitement

After the event take time to reflect and make a few actionable goals, both short and long term. Don’t lose your momentum, use it as a launching pad.

See you there