A system to ensure you never lose those precious family memories.

PeggyBank transfers photos, slides, negatives, home movies, videotapes, and audio recordings to a digital format that can be viewed on computers, televisions, and mobile devices. This startup needed a website that was not only informational, but also a robust order processing system where customers could easily and securely engage their services.

PeggyBank deals in memories and irreplaceable treasures. When working with data that is so close to your customer’s hearts, you have to get it right. The “lost in the mail” excuse was simply never an option for them. The startup was also struggling to work out the unique complexities of their business: processing a high volume of data that is touched by many hands in several steps over a short amount of time while keeping the customer in the loop.

As we gained insight about their operations, we realized that PeggyBank’s success was going to depend on an extremely streamlined and trustworthy workflow – and a website that made it easy for customers to engage the service. We created a solution that allows a customer to order shipping materials, estimate costs, customize orders and delivery methods, make purchases, post their entire collection to a secure vault in the cloud, and manage and share their media with friends and family.

When an order is logged into the system it gets a barcode and is placed into a bin and the customer is sent an automated email. Once payment is received, the order is moved into the production queue where all of the assets are processed and videos transcoded. PeggyBank performs a final quality check on the finished assets and the order is marked complete. All along the way, emails are sent to the customer keeping them in the loop.

In addition to creating a virtually foolproof system for a complex process, we made the client happy by hitting a hard deadline for their launch party. And as PeggyBank has grown, we have been there by its side to update the system to accommodate new offerings.