Steelwool Adds More Features

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automated e-mail functionality

Volano Solutions made some exciting feature enhancements to Steelwool this week. Several new clients utilizing Steelwool helped us develop some great new features. Steelwool can now incorporate automated e-mails into your work flow. If one of the steps in your process is sending out e-mail confirmations, reminders or updates to your clients, you can do that now through Steelwool.

import spreadsheets

We also secured workflows so only the appropriate teams and people responsible for specific work see their tasks. You can also import spreadsheets into Steelwool to add information or update information.

Steelwool is totally customizable to your business processes. It creates a simple, accountable place for you to move work through it’s chronological steps, store documents associated with this work and track the status of each work item. Users are liking the simplicity of the interface and the clarity into what they need to do that day and in what priority.

If work is falling through the cracks at your business or non-profit, or you’re not clear all the time on where you’re at in the status of your work, it may be time to look into Steelwool.